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Web traffic = Cash

Selasa, 07 Agustus 2012 | komentar

Disappointed that google adsense is not yet approved as me? for sure. but do not be discouraged old friend, there are many other ways to really get the $ $ $ from the internet,

Do you have a blog? whether your blog using english? whether your existing blog traffic / visitors? let's take advantage of that opportunity as a maker $ $ for you.
I'll share a few ways to find $ $ $ by making use of our blog traffic. This program does not require us to click on the pay-as in PTC and PPC programs, we are simply told to put banners on our blog. size of the payment which will depend on the traffic we receive from our blog. payment will be sent each April 15 and June 30 / end of the month. minimum payment of only $ 0.1. So for those of you who have a lot of visitors on your blog. just attach your banner and you will automatically get paid without doing anything.
So you will get paid per visitor on your blog without having to click on ads, if the visitor clicks the ad revenue it will grow again, you will be paid $ 0.01 - $ 1/visitor, so the more visitors your blog the bigger the payment advantage blogs let alone bro AGC Ansen candidate could AGC 2000 visitors / day right quite tuh

multiply the traffic to your website / blog from countries such as premium wrote: America, Australia etc.. The point system is a system of Set Up and Forget.
How is the payment?
Direct payment to paypal 2 times a month if your balance has reached $ 0.1's small! $ 0.1 Minimum Twice Monthly Auto Pay by Paypal or Alertpay or WebMoney, anyone interested? please register here.

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